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Roberto Sanchez, BHT

Robert has earned one Master's degree in Human Service Counseling with an emphasis on Military Resistance and a graduate certificate in Pastoral Counseling. He is currently enrolled in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program at Liberty University and is pursuing his License in Professional Counseling (LPC).  

Becoming a Mental Health Provider happened because of his work in law enforcement and the military.  With over 20 years as a police officer and nearly 20 years in Military Service, he has seen the dark side of human existence and wanted to make a difference.  Every 22 minutes, a veteran takes his or her life.  That is unacceptable to Robert, so he pursued education to make a difference.

His passion has always been to protect and help people, whether as a police officer, in the National Guard, or Behavioral Health.  He is dedicated to protecting people from the dangers of this world and helping in times of need.


His approach is to work with individuals, but in doing so, as the person improves, so does their family situation, their workplace, and their closest relationships. Join me in making this world better by making you better. 

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