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Nancy SantaCruz

It’s no secret – At Yuma Counseling Services, we focus on helping people have more peace, joy, and love in their lives.  In order to do that, we can't do it alone.

Nancy is literally the backbone of Yuma Counseling.  She manages all of the therapists' schedules, answers the phones, coordinates with insurance companies, makes sure the electric bill is paid on time, and so much more.  What is even more impressive is that she does it with a smile.  

Nancy has been with Yuma Counseling nearly since the day we opened (over 10 years ago) and we have no idea what we would do without her.  She is a rockstar.

Nancy can answer your insurance questions, help you figure out which therapist might be the best fit for you, give you a referral to another agency if we don't take your insurance, and so much more.  

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