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Finding Peace Group

An 18-Week Experience

Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos

Discovering Tranquility: Your Path to Inner Healing

  • What does finding peace mean to you?

  • Is emotional pain from your past overshadowing your present?

  • Do you grapple with daily emotional turmoil or recurrent distress?

  • If you're seeking relief and yearning to heal in a healthy, empowering way, join us on the transformative journey to Finding Peace.

What You Will Gain

Embark on a unique group journey that centers on healing emotional wounds through connection.

Explore the depths of self-discovery, fostering immense opportunities for personal growth.

In this Class, You'll Learn:

🌿 Techniques to heal from emotional wounds
🌿 Understanding and processing core emotions
🌿 Strategies to manage and transcend shame
🌿 Uncovering reasons behind emotional numbing
🌿 How emotions evolve and their profound impact on your life
🌿 Tools for letting go and forging ahead
🌿 Methods to dismantle long-held beliefs and embrace your truth

Included in Your Journey:

🌟 Lifetime access to the Finding Peace Master Class
🌟 Tools for ongoing healing and growth in your life
🌟 18 sessions of group interaction, discussion, and dedicated healing work

Image by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos
Image by Kenrick Mills

The Healing Journey of our Facilitator

I once found myself in unbearable pain, struggling to navigate life. I knew I needed a change.

In 2019, amidst profound agony, I sat on the floor, staring out a window, feeling overwhelmed by relentless thoughts. I smiled superficially when in company, yet the inner anguish persisted. I stumbled upon the Finding Peace book, but delving into emotional wounds proved excruciating. Seeking more support, I attended a Finding Peace retreat but felt lost on continuing my healing journey alone.

Realizing the power of companionship, I gathered friends to embark on this healing process together. We bravely confronted our pain in a small room on a bed with white sheets. It hurt to speak of our struggles, yet it bonded us in ways I'd never known. Every week brought new insights and healing. I wasn't just surviving; I was growing stronger.

I began healing wounds, dismantling beliefs, and combating shame. This journey, complementing my therapy, transformed me. Sitting around a fireplace, we concluded our book, enriched by newfound friendships and empathy. I learned that I wasn't alone in my struggles; maybe, just maybe, I could thrive.

The Finding Peace book group catalyzed my healing journey, imparting hope and a burgeoning sense of peace. And now, as a counselor equipped with these tools, I extend this invitation for you to discover more healing and more peace in your life.

Join me on this transformative journey to Finding Peace.

Call 928-276-9535 to register for our next group.

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