Brett Bohstedt, BHT

Brett is a Behavioral Health Technician who is in his last year of his Master of Social Work (MSW) degree through Arizona State University. Prior to this Brett received his bachelor’s degree in elementary and special education from Northern Arizona University (Flagstaff) in 2006. He spent 9 years as an educator in Yuma; working with elementary and middle school-aged children. During those years he advocated for mental health in his classrooms by teaching coping skills such as mindfulness. Brett started his career in Chicago, IL working as a case manager for the Seriously Mentally Ill population.  It was during that three-year period that he developed his passion for helping people cope with the struggles of life.


Brett enjoys working with people at every stage of life and is especially enthusiastic about working with children and young adults. Brett believes in the power of forming healthy habits around exercise, sleep, and diet. He understands we all have complicated relationships with these areas and wants to work alongside you to reach the goals you want to achieve. In addition, Brett wants to help you have loving and fulfilling relationships; it is our ability to be vulnerable with others that can offer us deeper, more meaningful lives.