How we help you find greater peace
  1. Relationships
  2. EMDR
  3. Children
  4. Addiction
  5. Individuals
  6. Presentations
Our therapists use interventions backed by over 50 years of research conducted by relationships experts such as Sue Johnson and John Gottman. We use Emotionally Focused Couple's Therapy as our primary model because research has shown that it the most effective style of therapy in bringing couples closer together. 80% of couples who have used the EFT model report a significant improvement in their relationships.
Many of our therapists have been trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, an integrative approach to therapy that has been proven to be highly effective for the treatment of trauma.

EMDR is a technique that assists individuals to process past trauma while simultaneously educing the negative effects of distressing memories. EMDR also helps clients develop healthier and more positively adaptive coping mechanisms. By reducing distress from one’s past and strengthening new coping skills, maladaptive patterns, addictions, are reduced and for many simply go away.

We have clinicians who have been trained to work with children. Through a variety of clinical interventions, such as play therapy, sand tray therapy, and art therapy, children who come to our center are introduced to ways in which they can express their feelings and learn tools to help them excel at home and at school

We strive to involve the parents as much as possible in the treatment process.

Our counselors work with individuals experiencing symptoms that are effecting their overall quality of life, including anxiety, depression, stress from relationships, family or work settings, or major life transitions.

We explore those parts of yourself that get in the way. Using various models of therapy including DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Shame resiliency Therapy, and other best practice models of counseling, our clients learn to manage stress, cultivate mindfulness, and move from being stuck or overwhelmed to living a more fulfilling life. 

We provide additional ways to educate our community on issues of mental health, emotional contentment, relationship health, and ways of becoming more peaceful.

Speaking Topics include:
​Healing the Wounded Healer
​Listen Up!​
Stress Management
The Drug of the 21st Century
How to protect your family from harmful media

If you would like us to speak at your event, please contact us at 928-276-9535

Yuma Counseling therapists have been trained to work with addiction. We are the only program in Yuma that specializes in Sexual Addiction.  The Lifestar Program is designed to help individuals and spouses who feel they are losing a battle against pornography, infidelity, and intimate betrayal.

Call us at 928-276-9535 to learn more about this program.